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Subject: No hts-log when running from batch
Author: jaime
Date: 01/25/2008 17:09
The hts-log.txt file gets updated (replaced) when running a website update from
the GUI or the command line.

However, when the same command used is used in a batch file, hts-log does not
get updated.  The batch runs fine and the website gets updated, but there is
no log file to confirm this.

I am using a simple command, so all the default options are implicitly used
(e.g. logging):

"C:\Program Files\WinHTTrack\httrack"  <> -O
"C:\MyMirror" --update

(Note: I have also used the more elaborate command from the GUI log with the
explicit switches , with the same results)

So here is the question: Is there a specific switch required explicitly for
batch files in order to create a log file?


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01/25/2008 17:09
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