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Subject: Re: form action URL
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/20/2002 21:31
> When using httrack on an ASP dynamic web site to 
> mirror it, some URL in form action which were local 
> point after httrack mirroring a non-local address. 
> causes the off browsing to fail.
> Here is an example :
> <form action=http://server/site/prod.asp
> How doing that with httrack, if possible ?
No, this isn't possible, because these tags are FORM 
post tags, and embed some very specific fields (such 
as "username", "keyword" or "page number") which must 
be filled by the user using the keyboard before 
submitting it. And if it is rather easy for an offline 
browser to detect direct links (a href..), "guessing" 
possible field values is totally impossible : for 
example, the search form of altavista or google can 
redirect you to almost all pages on the web, depending 
on the keywords you typed in the "query" field (ONE 
unique field!)

The only thing that could be done would be to 
treat "fake submit forms" (forms WITHOUT any 
interactive fields) - this may be done in the future.

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