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Subject: Re: "Continue interrupted download" doesn't work
Author: Stan Walker
Date: 02/03/2008 08:23
> options -> links -> Build -> Do not purge old files
> = checked
> Once you have the complete mirror, uncheck it and do
> an update which should be fast since only dynamic
> pages will need to be redownloaded.

Ah - I think the original poster is saying that he is having trouble when he
tries to continue OR update (not just update) a mirror - the program starts
from the beginning. 

I have the same problem, it is as though you specified to begin the download,
not continue it.

The question is not how to do less processing when updating a mirror after it
has completed - the question is why does the program start over instead of
continuing with the interrupted mirror when the continue interrupted option is
Everytime I try to continue an interrupted mirror operation, it starts over
and begins to download files already downloaded in the interrupted operation.

I was using 3.16 and having the problem so I downloaded the current version,
3.42, and it does the same thing.

And - to top that off, 3.42 is creating thousands of error messages about a
bit of flaky HTML in one of the pages.

3.16 created one error message and went on with it's work.

3.42 keeps generating copies of the erorr message. It continues to download
files, but the log file becomes enormous - I've had it go to 37MB before I
killed the mirror operation. I've had to try several excludes in order to
prevent thousands of messages about the same problem.

I think I've come up with the correct excludes but I've wasted about 5 hours
since last night.

The problem of starting over instead of continuing an interrupred operation
has cost me about 35 hours last week.

So - what's the answer to the original question?
How do you get this program to actually continue an interrupted mirror
operation instead of starting over?
If that "do not purge" option needs to be set in order to continue an
interrupted mirror, why is it not set as the default?
AND - does anyone have a copy of the3.16 installation file? I can't find the
copy I used to install years ago when I first starting using this program and
I want to back out 3.42 and go back to 3.16.

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