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Subject: Re: Redirects
Author: William Roeder
Date: 02/10/2008 15:59
> Maybe you can answer a broader question: WHY can I
> find multiple programs that I can feed a URL and
> have them download it, but I can't find one to feed
> it a URL with a wild card (asterisk) at the end and
> have it download all matching?  This seems VEEEEERY
> simple, but I can't find a single program that does
> it?  I've even found a few that allow expressions
> (for example, downthemall!), but none that will do
> what I need.

Not as simple as it seems.  

Every directory may have an index.html so if your putting all the html
together they'll have to be renamed.  Likewise every link on every page has to
be renamed from http:original to <file:///c:/path/newname.htm>.  This includes
renaming all .asp, .php, .cgi etc to .htm since all you can get is html on
this side of a server.

Also on the server is one copy of anImage.jpg and all the different pages
refer to it.  On the mirror, you don't want to download it N times for each N

Add filters, robot.txt, redirects, etc. and it's no longer simple. Next to do
is true javascript parsers, swf parsers, etc...
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