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Subject: Freezing
Author: Herbie
Date: 02/10/2008 18:09

I have been using HTTrack for years and find it to be a very useful tool.  I
have used it for work as well as for personal pursuits.  Thanks to the

While it is a great tool, I seem to have one major difficulty.  Whenever I try
to copy a large site (often they are PHP-based), the program locks up
eventually.  I am not talking a massive site....maybe 500mb total size. 
Usually these lockups occur after 1/2 to 3 hours.get a memory paging crash, in
newer versions things just hang and the CPU goes up to 100% usage. 

Over the years I have experienced this on 5+ otherwise stable computers.  I
have never found the 'magic' formula to avoid freezing.  My question is "are
there settings which   can lead to a lockup as I describe or are there ways to
minimize the chances of a lockup"  I have tried adjusting the priority of the
program, playing with numerous options and running both the windows and
command-line version.    

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