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Subject: Re: feature requests
Author: Leto
Date: 03/21/2002 22:49
> > 1. Enable httrack to spider/mirror documents
> > referenced through the longdesc attribute.
> What is it? I'll check that on ;)

I found some good information here:

I had heard about this attribute before... will have
to start using it.  It's certainly a great
accessibility feature if used correctly.

> > 2. The quit confirmation in winhttrack is an
> > annoying interface stupidity - sorry, but it's true. 
> Err, yes, BUT it may be annoying to close a very long 
> mirror if you selected the close box by error.
> Anyway, I'll remove this 'feature', EXCEPT during the 
> mirror process ;)

Yes, a quit confirmation during a mirror is a good
idea, but otherwise I too find it slightly annoying.
The "Would you like to save your project" is good
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