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Subject: Can't copy site (.ra files)
Author: Robert
Date: 02/26/2008 09:44
I have been trying to copy <>
with no luck.  The site has links to Real Audio clips (.ra) that can be
clicked to hear the pronunciation.  HTTrack seems to download the site and the
.ra files but the .ra files won't actually play.  I have no problem right
clicking on the links on the original site and saving the .ra files to my pc
so I don't understand why HTTrack can't grab them.

It seems to download 2-3 versions of each ra file but none will play.  I
Compare them (in beyondcompare) to the playable ra file and they are similar
in size and content but different enough that real player chokes.

Log file says 'Warning: File not parsed, looks binary' So what is it actually
writing to disk?  IS there a way to get the real ra files from the HTTrack
version of the files?
Any workaround?

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Can't copy site (.ra files)

02/26/2008 09:44


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