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Subject: why does username become "deleted"
Author: Gatsby
Date: 02/29/2008 18:06

I've been trying to get a copy of our password-protected site; have read the
information at <> and followed
it, and searched forum but still can't get it.  The site is one where the
pages are generated dynamically, the ones that I download are just the ones
that contain a notice that "...username/password combination you provided does
not match...".  I'm an admin on the site I am trying to download (to back up
the content) and when I look at failed login attempts there it says there are
many failed logins for the user "deleted" from my IP address.  So somehow, I
am not managing to send my authentication credentials from HTTrack.  Does this
sound familiar to anyone?  Pointers welcome, thanks.


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why does username become "deleted"

02/29/2008 18:06


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