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Subject: Authentication using an https login form page fail
Author: Bob Coss
Date: 03/04/2008 13:59

I've been following the instructions to use the winhttrack capture to add a
url to login in to my application.  I setup Internet Explorer 6 to point to
the login screen, I then setup the proxy according to the dialog box, and
click the submit button.  When it completes, I only get a http url, and the
post file does not contain the post information need to send to the server to

I tried this with an http (non ssl) form, and I was able to get the post file
correctly, but my application will not allow a user to login unless they post
using https.

Are there any suggestions for making the login form work with https?
Thanks in advance,


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Authentication using an https login form page fail

03/04/2008 13:59


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