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Subject: Files in "hts-cache\" are not extracted
Author: Emm
Date: 03/05/2008 00:45
Hi all,

I have questions about files stored in the "hts-cache\" file.
I use the following command to catch a site :
"D:\httrack.exe" <>* -O "d:\" -*.gif -*.jpeg -*.jpg -*.zip
-*.swf -q -I0 -o0 -E180 -r6 -s0 -F "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows
NT 5.0)"

As you can see the capture time is limited to 180 seconds.
At the end of the capture i have only 10 HTML files in the folder.
But in the "hts-cache\" file, I can found 103 files where the size is
>0 and 41 files where the size = 0

My question is : why 93 files are not available ? Is there a way that those
files be automatically available in the destination folder ?
I can reproduce the problem easily on many different websites, on Win XP Pro
Httrack 3.42 or Httrack 3.41-3

It seems to be the same problem as in
Is there a solution ?

Thank you


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Files in "hts-cache\" are not extracted

03/05/2008 00:45


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