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Subject: wmv files download as txt files
Author: Neo
Date: 03/09/2008 19:41
I have just downloaded the latest version.

All the wmv files I downloaded from a particular site end up as txt files, and
I have tried renaming them, and then they run as movies.

Have tried to set wmv as application/octet-stream in MIME rules and include
+.wmv in Scan rules. But it does not help, they are still downloaded as txt

I have to manually rename each one as wmv and then change the link in the html
page to wmv instead of txt.

Any advise regarding this? I see this is an old problem, but no one seems to
have discovered a fix.

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wmv files download as txt files

03/09/2008 19:41
Re: wmv files download as txt files

03/10/2008 03:08


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