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Subject: setting maxlinks below 100000
Author: Eric Walker
Date: 03/21/2008 17:23

I am trying to limit the number of files downloaded in one session using the
maxlinks setting however, when I set a small number, such as 10 (-#L10), the
progam keeps going way past 10 links.  It seems to default to 100000 when a
smaller value is specified.  

Is there a way to set a maxlinks value smaller than the default or if not can
this be added to a list of bug fixes?
I looked through the source to see if I could find where this lower limit is
set but could not easily find it.  And from reading the forum, I think my
chances of getting it to compile are pretty low.  But if nothing else works,
if someone could point me to where to make the changes I will try recompiling
it myself.

Thanks for any help.

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setting maxlinks below 100000

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