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Subject: Re: copying a punbb forum completely
Author: Gadrin
Date: 03/27/2008 05:53
I know how to do it (or come close to it) using wGET.

However you can't expect wGET to figure out that topic has 13 pages in it and
know how far to go.

for /L %a in (1,1,13) do wget -p -PEEE

this creates a loop, starts at 1, increments by 1 and stops after 13 (1,1,13)
and substitutes that number for the %a.

Note the ^ before any & characters, you have to escape them in the DOS command
line. wGET -p feature means it will get all images, etc, to make the page
display properly. However the navigation links may/may not work depending on
how you use it.

Anyway, once you get winHTTrack to work on the first page, peek at the hts-log
and get the command line for httrack and then use that in the same loop. or
use wGET.

I wrote my own "topic downloader" for phpBBS and vBulletin boards, which means
I cut & paste the url into it and it goes to the first page, figures out how
long the topic is and then downloads each page and re-edits the navigation
links. However it won't work with that BBS without doing some re-writing.

another idea is that wGET has a command to follow only relative paths, and I
showed a guy how to start it and download an entire phpBBS (I had it stop
after ~10 megs) which means it'll download any page on the bbs but ignore
everything else.

anyway, get winHTTrack going with the first page, then try using the command
line with the FOR loop and you might be able to get it going. you can download
wGET off the web for free, just google.
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