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Subject: Re: Mirroring problem
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/26/2002 07:30
> How can I make mirror from eg. to 
> and to fix all links to point 
> from to and to 
> make same directory structure like on
> (without any other files except regular)?
Well, the best solution is to catch the complete website, rebuilding all links with 
relative links - use filters to match exactly the site:

..and then copy the filestructure to the remote mirror site. That's all.

After mirroring the first site, no reference to should appear (EXCEPT formulars, 
which can not be "mirrored" as is) and therefore 
you'll have a working copy for

You can optionnally filter some cgi's which may cause 
problems, too (example: dynamic news pages from the 
first site which should be kept as is) using filters, 
remove the footer information (Options/Browser ID/HTML 
Footer) (note: not advised for a mirror) and even 
adapt the filestructure as you wish.

(Note: You can then re-mirror and 
use 'absolute url'/'absolute url' in Options/Experts 
Only/Rewrite Links, if you absolutely want all URLs to 
be written with absolute links (http://..) - but this 
is really not advised)
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