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Subject: Re:
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 03/27/2002 19:55
> I would like to use httrack only to find and list 
> names of all files available at a site, if possible, 
> together with file sizes (and not to download them). 
> First I tried to obtain the information from the 
> new.ndx file, but later I came to realize that it 
> contains the 'directory names' and htm(l) files, the 
> names of other files cannot be found in it.
> So, is it possible to use httrack for this purpose? 

Well.. this might be possible using the hts-
cache/new.lst listing, and checking each files, but a 
true listing isn't yet possible. I may add this option 
in the future, however, as it might be an interresting 
option for reporting/testing.

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