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Subject: problem with 'next page' links
Author: grosabo
Date: 05/10/2008 22:37
From this start page :


the .bkr files are free for downloading.
I would grab all of them from the available 88 pages, but I only get files
from the first page.
If I filter less, I also get the .bkr files for version=1 and I dont want
Please, how must I set WinHTTrack to get these files from 'Page 1 of 88',
'Page 2 of 88', 'Page 3 of 88', etc ?Thanks 

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problem with 'next page' links

05/10/2008 22:37
Re: problem with 'next page' links

05/11/2008 11:33
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05/11/2008 15:19


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