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Subject: Slow down computer performance?
Author: katie
Date: 05/16/2008 00:46
I am new to all of this...very new. I want to back-up my blogger blog and was
linked to this download.  I am not clear with what HTTrack is and what site
mirroring does. 1.Does it store the huge amount of info from the blog on my
hard drive? 
2.If I delete my cache, is the mirror going to be gone? Where is the
"mirrored" blog going to be stored? 
3.I don't think I want it on my hard drive...I would think it's too big and
will slow computer performance/internet speed. HELP?

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Slow down computer performance?

05/16/2008 00:46
Re: Slow down computer performance?

05/16/2008 04:05


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