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Subject: Re: Keeps downloading the same files
Author: William Roeder
Date: 05/21/2008 03:57
> How do I keep HTTrack from checking all the same
> file sover and over again before downloading a few
> new ones when I continue an interupted download? 
> I'm copying a large site and the download never
> finishes because HTTrack keeps running checking all
> the files that I already have.

Checking files should be quick. It sends a query and gets the response - no
changes.  I get over 5 files/second on dialup. Make sure Options -> Spider ->
Update hack = checked.  Also increase Options -> Limits -> Max connections to

Dynamic sites are different, they report the file has changed even though it
hasn't. (usually just the html not images and other files)  Only solution
there is stop interrupting the download, pause it and resume later.

If it's downloading other files repeatedly, I've see that on 3.4x, try 3.32.
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Keeps downloading the same files

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Re: Keeps downloading the same files

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