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Subject: copy only text + flash errors
Author: Linne
Date: 05/29/2008 17:26
I'm new to HTtrack and am trying to mirror corporate sites.  My goal is to
mirror all text from a website, and also download text-related files such as
.doc, .pdf, .ppt - no images, movies, etc.
After trying a few sites, I have found that the downloads are often incomplete
and I'm having particular problems with flash-based sites, which seem to be
creating endless loops. I'm wondering:
1) are the scan rules I'm using correct, or is there a better way to
accomplish my goal? (written below), and
2) how can I avoid the empty looping problem?*.html*.php*.asp
-*.gif -*.jpg -*.png -*.tif -*.bmp -*.mov -*.mpg -*.mpeg -*.avi -*.asf -*.mp3
+*.txt +*.doc +*.docx +*.xls +*.xlsx +*.ppt +*.pdf

Any input would be greatly, greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much in advance

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copy only text + flash errors

05/29/2008 17:26


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