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Subject: Re: problem with password sites
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/01/2002 20:14
>      I am actually trying to download some html 
> the link that i need to start actually needs me to 
> into the site. but when i log in and give the link 
> into httrack it says .. 11:30:53 
> Error:  'Authorization Required' (401) at link 
> (from primary/primary)

See forum related threads:

"Several authentication systems can be used, generally 
you have 3 solutions:

1. Form based authentication
You get a login/password HTML page, sometimes with 
some buttons or optional checkboxes
This can ONLY be captured using "ADD URL"/"CAPTURE" 
because the POST request which is used is impossible 
to "catch" with another solution. If you capture the 
page using standard options (that is, enter the URL of 
the page, and mirror it), you'll only get the login 
page, and entering username/password/clicking on the 
login button will put you to an online page.

2. Basic authentication
You get, the first time you are trying to access the 
page, an alert box where you have to enter both 
If you capture the page using standard options (that 
is, enter the URL of the page, and mirror it), you'll 
get an error page ("Unauthorized" or something 
This can be captured using the username:password 
scheme URL, as in:  

3. Challenged authentication
Same as basic auth, but with a "domain", and a 
challenge sent by the server. 
This kind of authentication is NOT yet managed!
If you capture the page using standard options, you'll 
only get an error page (Unauthorized).

Here are the most frequent cases, but many websites 
also mix cookies or other things, which causes mirror 
to be much more difficult. 

Another problem is the mirror process itself: some 
pages have a "logout" link, which destroy the cookie. 
Problem: after having followed this link, HTTrack 
won't be able to mirror the rest of the website..

Be sure that you defined proper filters (see the FAQ), 
and used proper mirror method (either 
username:password@yourURL or the "capture" tool). Some 
sites won't work, however."
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