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Subject: Re: Global Index for all mirrors
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/01/2002 20:19
> Is there a way to make HTTrack create and maintain a 
> global index.html file for all mirrors, as does 
> WinHTTrack.
> If the answer is no then if I may, I would like to 
> sugest such a feture..

The answer is yes on Linux (not DOS yet) - BUT not yet 
very well documented. 

On Un*x/Linux systems, create a /usr/etc/httrack.conf 
file (or /etc/httrack.conf) with this line:
set path ~/websites/#

Then, use the commandline guide (just type 
in "httrack") so that the mirrors can be put into your 
home directory. The top index.html file will (should) 
be created automatically.
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