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Subject: Re: [filename] delayed.tmp
Author: William Roeder
Date: 06/16/2008 14:34
>  i saw these stated in other threads but did not see
> any explanation of what they are and what their
> function is.
>  can some one explain what these are and why the
> program needs them and, is it something that will be
> written and the *.tmp files deleted when the site id
> finnished being copied?
The main change from 3.32 (which worked) to 3.4x (many problems) was
multithreading.  Earlier version placed the original html files into the cache
and eventually the modified ones on disk.  With multithreading, you can't
concurrently write to the cache so things went to *.tmp and delayed folders.

Since 3.4x has so many unresolved problems, I recommend 3.32
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