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Subject: Help need with filters
Author: domfr30
Date: 06/18/2008 02:03
Hi ! I searched the documentation but I can't achieve what I need to do and I'm
actually wondering if it's even possible with WinHTTrack. So here's my problem
and if anyone could tell me how to do it or if we can't do it that would be
nice :

I have a webpage :

with links like this on it: 
<> of filename).htm
and some others like this :
<> numeric chars).htm

(numbers) = 1, 2, ... ,20,21....., 120,....
(end of filename) = .htm, -page1.htm, -page2.htm....

I need to download only the pages with somepage-(numbers)...

I tried these filters : 

but it didn't work, I also tried :
- numeric chars version1)
- numeric chars version2)
- numeric chars version3)

and it didn't work either :-/

WinHTTrack always capture the files with -(non numeric chars) and files below
of course...

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Help need with filters

06/18/2008 02:03
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