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Subject: Re: partial d/l
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/01/2002 20:27
> as i mentioned before, i'm downloading lots of text 
> files... but i have marked something strange - it 
> happens sometimes that httrack do a partial download 
> of some text file, or even a .html file consisting 
> text only - it is so obvious that it doesn't do a 
> whole d/l... but when i go to that url, i can see 
> whole document, till the end of it, and not partial -
> so there's everything ok with that server and site...
> any suggestions what might be?
Well, I don't really see the problem - but if you are 
wondering why test/html documents seems complete 
despite the fact you interrupted the mirror, this is 
because the engine always download them in memory 
first, and then transfer them to disk. Interrupted 
html documents are therefore lost during an 
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