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Subject: problem with '!' in filename (instead of '%21')
Author: Frederik H.
Date: 04/02/2002 00:41

I found httrack last night, and became a happy user 
mostly because of it's powerful filter function. I 
haven't found other offline browsers that can filter on 
the query string (the part at end of URL starting with 

Anyway, here's a problem I faced: as part of the site 
to download, there is a file "ml!.rtf" in a Lotus Notes 

The link is sth like

The html-page that links to it, shows as link (in 
netscape and IE, in the <a href> tag) 

But in the referring page as downloaded by HTTrack, the 
<a href>-link is to .../$FILE/ML!.rtf

And on this request from HTTrack (to 
.../$FILE/ML!.rtf), the server gives a 404.

I hope I managed to explain the issue clearly enough. I 
would give you the real page link, but it's a private 
docserver with password control.


/ps: using the GUI version 3.16-2

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problem with '!' in filename (instead of '%21')

04/02/2002 00:41
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