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Subject: Re: how to disable replacement with "_"?
Author: William Roeder
Date: 07/18/2008 15:37
> is it possible to disable the replacement with "_"
> in build options?
I assume you mean the replacement of tilde "~" with underline "_"
<> states that that select characters (e.g.,
~, :, <, >, \, and @) are replaced by _ in all pathnames.

> I like to create files with "~". My Linux system has
> no problems with filenames like that.
> Example:

If you kept the site structure and it contained a .../~user/... url, and your
machine contained a login name "user", then the mirror would be broken under
most shells.

The other characters (:, <, >, and \) have to be replaced under windows.  The
tilde has special meaning to some programs under windows.

I don't know about Macs, nor the unicode conversions.

Since httrack runs on windows, mac, and unix it has to handle the least common
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how to disable replacement with "_"?

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Re: how to disable replacement with "_"?

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