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Subject: Only partial downloaded
Author: M
Date: 08/01/2008 09:50
Hi i managed to download the following address with all the pages but when i am
connected online all the jpgs show up.


But when i try offline some of the jpgs are missing and its always asking to
connect to to seems like its still not all downloaded 

i have included the following line to download all jpegs and just to search
the pages on this thread

-* +*2331*
+*.gif +*.jpg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp

also the line saying 1)attempt to detect all links and 2) get non-html have
BOTH been checked

mirror de[t has been kept to blank
and external dept has been kept to 1 

plz help....its really  urgent ..thanks


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Only partial downloaded

08/01/2008 09:50
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08/01/2008 18:02
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08/01/2008 23:57


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