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Subject: Re: Stop upon encountering an error
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/09/2002 19:22
> Would it be possible to make HTTrack to stop/pause 
> perhaps notify the user visually or by a sound when 
> encounters an error while downloading?  The user can
> perhaps choose to resume download, resume and ignore
> all future errors, or cancel the download.

Err, this is not something possible, as the engine can 
not make the difference between several 404 errors 
(most websites have 404 errors inside) or several 
connection timeouts and a "true" error (like 
connection broken, or invalid url)

The only cases handled by httrack is when no data has 
been transfered (bad URL, no proxy or no external 
connection) - in this case a message is displayed.
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