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Subject: Re: Converting space to %20...
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/10/2002 18:55
> I'm trying to mirror a webpage which has links to 
> numerous files on an ftp, most of which have spaces 
> their name. The actual link uses spaces instead of %
> 20, but when HTTrack goes to request the file it 
> replaces all of the spaces with %20, and the ftp 
> doesn't recognise that as a space, so the files are 
> not found. Is there a way to override this behavior?
Well, the only solution is to use an http proxy 
(with "use http proxy for ftp" option left checked).
I will implement a fix for the next release, as the 
behaviour of the ftp protocol if different from the 
http one ("" are accepted with ftp, which allow to use 

Thanks for the report!
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Converting space to %20...

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Re: Converting space to %20...

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