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Subject: Grab defunct site
Author: Paul P
Date: 11/04/2008 23:15
We have a site of a company has gone defunct and would like to capture some
historical data they had in a YaBB discussion board.

The board itself is still on-line but we don't know for how much longer. Some
ISP's clean up fast, some never do.

Is there a way to capture all the posts of that existing board. No one has
administrative rights. No one has access to the root directories.

the discussion software is written in Perl. We are able to pull the basic
scripts but HT won't go into the data folder (YABB2). We've tried everything
and can't get access. I do have access as a user and that is still

Any ideas of how we can capture this data?

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Grab defunct site

11/04/2008 23:15
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