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Subject: mirroring old post box
Date: 11/06/2008 13:17
Sorry for little english, i'm hungarian.

I'd like get help from anybody: How can i make a mirror from my old e-mail box
with Httrack? A could access to my old e-mail box only with IP addressing,
becuse the DNS addressing service is already ended. and the post box link is
redirected to another post box service. (The old post box company went

My old e-mail box is only a memento for me, and i'd like mirriring the entire
e-mail box, until it is accessible.

At original e-mail box login page i must give login name, and password, but i
must choice from selectable domain list too. Can anybody help me, how can i do
it in HTTrack?
Because my little english I'd like please short and easy sentences by
help/answer. Thank you.


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11/06/2008 13:17
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