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Subject: copying a message board forum
Date: 11/11/2008 20:31
i need e some help.. i need to copy a forum messageboard from
it looks like this message board... i dont know how to save it in my computer
having all of the contents and layers underneah with all of the comments and
answers from the people... im doing a research dissertion about it and will
need peoples survey thats why the message board is highly needed for me to
save so i can have it anywhere even though im not online...

another problem is that the message bord might get deleted soon or delete some
old parts which i will likely need... 

i cant poisssbly copy each comments posts by all people for there are hundreds
of posts... please help me out and email me if theres a way or posts here...

its at they style of the ofrum is like this.... but theres
layers for the answers posts underneath.. thanks

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11/11/2008 20:31
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