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Subject: Re: images from the web
Author: William Roeder
Date: 11/12/2008 15:13
> The page use AJAX to fetch a .war file!
> The .war file have string like "[ img
> ]/NewUpLoadFiles/Book/2008/11/9/3436/200811091346230
> .gif[ /img ]"
> I use HTTrack , it can fetch the .war file.
> but Httrack cannot fetch the picture in .war file.

I already told you, that httrack can't handle complicated javascript, nor can
it read inside java applications.
It reads html and downloads files contained in the links.

A war file is NOT html.
[ img ]/New.....gif[ /img ] is NOT a link
Httrack can NOT handle it.

> So I report the question (or maybe a Bug)! And need
> author's help, please!

Maybe in the future, Xavier will modify the SW.
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