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Subject: (Again, sorry)Copying a whole forum thread
Author: Marcel
Date: 11/13/2008 13:44
Hi, first of all sorry for the repeated question, despite the fact that there
are half a dozen posts that's dedicated to copy a full thread in a forum, I've
failed to do so in my effort.

I'm trying to copy a whole thread from this URL

and have been having difficulties getting attached images that aren't pasted
in a reply post, sure images that are pasted on a post appears, but the ones
that has an "attachment url" fail to load.

and I would like to download all attachments, including files with mq4 ex4 doc
and xls extension, and maybe can get them through a clip link at the upper
right corner of the thread, but on the posts are good enough.

my rules for this project is as follows:

+*.gif +*.jpg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp
+*.zip +*.tar +*.tgz +*.gz +*.rar +*.z +*.exe

I've also checked the "Get non-HTML files related to a link" option

How can I achieve getting the attachments? 

Sorry for the inconveinience and Thank you very much.

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