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Subject: Re: Relative links on site / Absolute off-site
Author: William Roeder
Date: 11/14/2008 02:51
> Create a copy of our old website.
A mirror is not a copy, if there are server side code (php, cgi, jsp etc) ,
forms, or database access, none of that will function. Can't you log in to the
private side of the site and copy the files?
> HERE'S the problem: I don't want to download content
> from other websites. I want the url's that link to
> other websites to still go to the other websites. I
> want images linked from other websites to display
> the image from the other site, not copy it.
options -> links -> get non-html=not checked
options -> scan rules -> Do not have +*.jpg that allow all jpg including
external ones.

> In my mind, that means relative internal links and
> absolute external links.
That's the default options -> expert -> rewrite

> The links to external webpages are absolute (which
> is correct), but WHttrack displays a warning that
> the link goes offsite. I don't want the warning.

> When someone clicks an external link, I want it to
> simply go there.
options -> build -> no error pages = unchecked
options -> build -> no external pages = unchecked

> Also, if possible, I want all links to external
> websites to open in a separate browser window
> (target= "_blank")
You'll have to edit the html yourself

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