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Subject: Re: Change the Save Folder
Author: William Roeder
Date: 11/14/2008 15:19
> When i save a website (i.e. and
> say HTTrack should be save this Website to a
> specific Folder (i.e MyFolder/). Now HTTrack grap
> the page and save this page to
> MyFolder/MyWebsite_8080. And this is the Problem
> because I need the saved Website in MyFolder/
> folder.

Where httrack saves files is determined by three settings:
basePath is common to all mirrors (page 1 where you enter project name) and
contains an index.html with a menu to all your mirrors and contains *.whtt
files which allow you to open httrack and select a project by a click.

projectName what you named each different mirror. This contains the hts-cache
directory with the mirror's settings,  a index.html with a menu to all the
urls in that mirror, and some miscellaneous files. 

localStructure. one or more folders depending on one or more urls and options
-> Build -> structure type.

If I understand you, you named your project "MyFolder" and set structure
type=sitename and you want what's in sitename to be MyFolder.  You may be able
to change parameters to get this, but then you can only have one mirror.

move the parent of MyFolder somewhere safe (I use "C:\Documents and
Settings\Bill\My Documents\offline") and change the basePath to match.

optionally change myFolder to a more logical project name like MyWebsite

copy what's in MyWebsite anywhere you want. All internal references should be
relative (options -> expert -> rewrite)
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