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Subject: httrack doesn't usually rename .tmp files
Author: Stevod
Date: 11/21/2008 19:57

I'm using the httrack command line controlled from some software, which I then
use to post-process the downloaded files.

Just to let you know that sometimes, when .tmp dynamic files have been saved
e.g. to filenenamexxxx.html.tmp, httrack never gets round to removing the .tmp
from the name on disk, which means that the 'new.txt' filepath and the actual
filepath differ. It's not a big issue for me, as I just look for the .tmp
version and post-process that instead, but I just wonder whether there's
anything in the update process which needs the correct filename before the
update will work?
Still, fab program. Thanks a lot.


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httrack doesn't usually rename .tmp files

11/21/2008 19:57


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