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Subject: Can no longer download (some) websites.
Author: Michael Karlsson
Date: 12/02/2008 09:56
Hello everyone!

Let me first thank you for this excellent piece of software that I've have
used with success for many years. Now to the point.

I'm a Swedish media and communications researcher studying online news and as
a such I'm dependent on fixating the contents of news outlets. 

For some time I've had problems with downloading news sites
( and that were not a problem before and
I'm using the same version of WinHTTrack. WinHTTrack starts to download but
finishes just after a second or two and does not create an index file.

Other sites (, and like a charm.

I've played around with the settings and searched the forum but not found a

Does anyone know how to correct this problem or in the worst case scenario if
there are any other software out there that live up to the high standards of
I'll include an error message if it is of any help. 

09:22:41 Warning:  File not parsed, looks like binary:
09:22:41 Error:  "Open error when decompressing" (-1) at link (from primary/primary)
HTTrack Website Copier/3.42-3 mirror complete in 1 seconds : 2 links scanned,
0 files written (0 bytes overall), no files updated [34076 bytes received at
34076 bytes/sec], 33450 bytes transfered using HTTP compression in 2 files,
ratio 100%
(1 errors, 1 warnings, 0 messages)

Thanks in advance,
Cheers Michael

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