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Subject: mirroring depth - maybe rephrase help section
Date: 12/03/2008 11:00

I just like to suggest that maybe the explanation of the "mirroring depth" in
the help function of the programm could be improved. 

It says 

"A depth of 3 means that you will catch all pages you have indicated, plus all
that can be accessed clicking twice on any link"

and in the posting 

Xavier also points out that
"Depth=1 means "one click from the top index", that is, an 
empty level from the diven URls. Use depth=2"
is necessary for single websites with some, say, pdfs on it one wish to grab.

But I still believe that many people would assume level 1 is one click from
the specified page, I am not sure if that "top index" thing is very clear. 

Just my 50 cents. 

Thanks a lot, 


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mirroring depth - maybe rephrase help section

12/03/2008 11:00


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