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Subject: Re: stupid ;) Q
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/22/2002 00:50
> ...
> but i want just few letters to bi mirrored, for 
> example from 'b' to 'm' and 't'
> what should i do?
Well, you'll have to use filters, such as:
-*** ...

or, because "/a/" folders are very rare, you may just 

-* +*/b/* +*/c/* +*/d/* .. +*/t/*
(of course, replace '..' by proper additinal links)

This will ONLY download those dirs. You may also want 
additional images outside these directories, and 
various (css, js) files - in this case, something like:

-* +*/b/* +*/c/* +*/d/* +*/t/* +*.gif +*.jpg +*.css 

may fit your needs!
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