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Subject: im dont speak computer
Author: bluegreenangel
Date: 12/04/2008 10:57
i dont speak computer... i dont know these so called terms such as loop, proxy,
bmp, etc.....

so i just want to ask a simple question... is there a manual i can get or some
kind of directions to learn how to use this program?
all i know considering im a computer noob is that this program downloads all
the stuff from sites... can somebody help me learn how to do these things....

1 - lets say, how do i make a loop that i can get the
stuff from ONLY /blah=25, and 26, 27, and so on, without triggering other
shitty links and these other weird files

2 - there is this one link, and i want to get only files from the listed
links, such as link stuff1, stuff2, stuff3, rather than clicking other
can this site help computer noobs like me?

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im dont speak computer

12/04/2008 10:57
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