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Subject: html file
Author: ezhil
Date: 12/24/2008 22:29
I'm using linux command line httrack. I would like to download main html page
of ther url and images. I used the following command. But it is downloading
html files which is in the "href" tag.

httrack <> -O
/home/test/output/crawler -q -Q -N 20081224084727/%n.%t -o0 -X0 -T30 -R1 -b0
-I0 %I0 -%F "" -F "Mozilla/5.0 Firefox/3.0.3" -r -*.htm* -* +*.jpg +*.jpeg
+*.css +*.js +*.gif +*.bmp +*.tif* +*.png +*.swf -*.exe -*.pdf -*.doc -*.zip

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html file

12/24/2008 22:29
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