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Subject: Re: "Continue Interrupted Download" Question
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/02/2009 23:49
> Is there any way to continue an interrupted download
> where the program doesn't re-download files that
> it's already obtained?It's supposed to work like this:
action=continue, assume what you have is good, download remaining
action=update, ask server if what you have is still good, download remaining
action=download, download all

3.43 has a problem with cancel/continue the hts-cache/new.* files have much
less then the old.* but old gets deleted and it basically does a download

method 1) don't cancel/continue just options -> pause

method 2) if size(new)<size(old) delete the new's, rename old's to new, set
action=update.  I have not been very successful with this.

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