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Subject: Deleted Everything After a Crash
Author: Scott
Date: 01/04/2009 21:34
First off this is a great bit of software. It's been able to follow java pop up
links that other programs could not handle. 

I was downloading an image collection from a website of travel photos and the
software had been running for about 3 to 4 hours. The site was about 60% done.
Then I lost my internet connection. Firefox locked up as did HTTrack. It just
hung on one file. So I saved and closed the program, did a reboot and when it
came up again almost everything I had already downloaded was gone and it
started right back at square one. This is twice now this has happened. The
first time I selected "Continue Interupted Download", made sense to me. I
wanted to continue a download that had been interrupted. No luck. It pooched
everything and started from scratch. The next time this happened I selected
"Update Existing Download." The assumption here was that the software would
see what files I already had and skip them or it would check it's logs, look
for new pages from the index page and update those plus pages it had not
completed. Nope, deleted everything and started from scratch. 

Again, great peice of software guy but can you add a fail safe so that the
program does not delete already downloaded data or at the very least ask for
confirmation of deletion. 

I've learned my lesson. If you find the program is crashing then copy what you
already have to another directory. 

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Deleted Everything After a Crash

01/04/2009 21:34
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