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Subject: Re: HTTP authentication
Author: William Roeder
Date: 01/07/2009 16:45
> I have a web page with linked images/files, all
> stored on a server that requires HTTP
> authentication.  HTTrack does a great job of getting
> the main page and finding the necessary links, but
> it is unable to follow them.

> 17:15:59 Error:  "Authorization Required" (401) at
> link
> auto/Automation/TestImages/xmlspy.gif (from

The site doesn't exist, so I'm assuming that's on your intranet.

You said it requires http authentiation. After you purge your browser cookies,
on the main page, does you browser pop up a user/pass window.  If not and
there is a form on the page to log in, then it is NOT http authentication but
form based <>

> The closest setting appeared to be Options > Proxy >
> Configure > Authentication, but I'm guessing you
> need an actual proxy for that.  I want to make this
Proxy has NOTHING to do with authentication. Proxy is how one machine talks
through another as apposed to at another.
check your browser settings, httrack's must match.

> easy for coworkers to use so I don't want to set one
> up.
Once you have the files on your machine, cow orkers would be looking at them. 
Httrack's setting would be irrelevant.

> P.S.  You may notice I used the capture URL method
> to submit a form to generate the report.  It is not
> for form authentication so don't be fooled!  This is
> strictly HTTP authentication.

Log out of the browser, or clear the cookies
open the page, get the pop up.  Copy the user/pass from the httrack window to
the browsers just to be sure you don't have a typeo/case problem.
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