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Subject: Httrack Manual - suggestion
Author: Rufus Laggren
Date: 01/07/2009 19:36
Thanks for the great manual - it really helps. Httrack is really impressive and
it WORKS! <g>

My suggestion relates to layout of the manual in areas where there is a
paragraph or two of comment either preceded by a line naming the subject (eg.
a parameter) and/or followed by an example. It can become hard to determine
which example or subject line goes with which descriptive paragraph - the one
above or the one below. Looking upwards a ways you can figure it out by
finding a previous obvious example and then carefully hopping downward.

My suggestion is that you either 

1) place bullets on the first line of a section dealing with one topic and
indent all following lines related to that one topic; or

2) place line of separater characters (eg. "-", or "_") between the different

Thank you for your great work.


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Httrack Manual - suggestion

01/07/2009 19:36
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