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Subject: Re: Not deep enough
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/25/2002 07:49
> I am trying to mirror my web site which is not 
> yet.  I receive the opening page and the first page 
> each tab (about us etc.), but cannot go deeper.  
> I view the result and try to access the next level 
> down it wants to go on-line to access those pages.  

The "deeper" pages may be in another domain OR another 
higher/different structures. In this case, use filters 
(Options/Scan rules).

to accept everything on
to accept everything in

Why is this needed?By default, HTTrack will always stay on the same 
domain (except for images), and stay on the same 
DIRECTORY structure (OR in deeper directory 
structures). For example, it may go from to but NOT 
from to, 
because "files" is seen as a "same level" directory.
It won't go to, too. 

These default rules are setup to avoid too large 
mirrors ; for example mirroring should NOT cause to 
mirror all other custommer websites. And the "same 
domaine" limit is also an obvious protection: you may 
not want to mirror the WHOLE WWW :)

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