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Subject: Concatenate HTML files
Author: Ana
Date: 01/15/2009 11:50
Concatenate HTML files


     I have a little problem with HTTrack: I want a website, but each page
contains 6 menu. I wish I concatenated 6 web page in a single page, they
continent since the same data object.
    The problem is that the HTTrack give different names for each page. I can
not see the pages concatenated.
   I try to set the structure of names. But to no avail.
   Can someone help me find a solution?
Here is an example of two URLs that I want to recover:



I concatenate the information for a patent on a single page.

Best regards

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Concatenate HTML files

01/15/2009 11:50
Re: Concatenate HTML files

01/15/2009 15:31


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