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Subject: problem with mime-type exclusions
Author: Jacob Langseth
Date: 01/16/2009 17:31

I am experiencing some unexpected behavior with the mime-type exclusion rules
in HTTrack.  I would like to mirror a web page, but exclude all images via
mime type.

If I execute the following, however:

  $ httrack -%H <> -mime:image/*

HTTrack will still download all of the images on the site.  (The only
difference between this command and one that does not use the -mime parameter
appears to be that with -mime, the files are all named .delayed rather than

If I instead exclude images by file extension, rather than mime-type, then I
get the behavior that I would expect:

  $ httrack -%H <> -*.gif -*.jpg

(This command downloads the page, but does not download the images.)

Is there a way to use mime-type exclusions to avoid downloading unwanted
mime-types?  I would rather not rely on the file-extension exclusion method,
as file extensions can be absent or unreliable.

I am using HTTrack version under linux

Thanks for your help,

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