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Subject: Explanation on how forum is mirrored
Author: Paul P
Date: 01/28/2009 05:04
If I understand correctly how a forum is mirrored, HTTrack opens the link on
each page and then makes a mirror image of that HTML page as it is presented.
It then saves it and converts the link to the saved page.

If I am understanding this correctly, can someone explain how it numbers each
I have mirrored a discussion forum successfully but the page links at the top
don't work, they use Javascript with option input and HTTrack doesn't parse

If I can figure out how HTTrack numbers its pages, I can attempt to build my
own index.htm page and build a link system

Are there other ways to show pages of a forum when the Java input is in ranges
instead of a direct link?


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Explanation on how forum is mirrored

01/28/2009 05:04


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